CacheMaps retreives a variety of maps for your caches from the Internet.

CacheMaps uses the Geocaching loc- or gpx-files as input. Directely from the Geocaching site or as exported from GSAK.

Welcome to the CacheMaps v4 site

CacheMaps v4 has been designed to be used next to GSAK. A lot of the functionality that was available in previous versions of CacheMaps, is available in GSAK now in a much better form. What GSAK is lacking is a mapping function, which is the core of CacheMaps. Now it is easily possible, using CacheMaps, to show maps for the selected caches. You can however also use CacheMaps without GSAK.

Support has been discontinued

As of July 2009, support on CacheMaps has been discontinued. Reason for this is the increased functionality Google Maps is offering nowadays. CacheMaps will continue to work, although some maps might not show any longer.
the latest version of CacheMaps (4.1.8) contains the needed information to register, without registering :-), so all functionality will be available to you.
Thanks for supporting and using CacheMaps!

CacheMaps v4.1

This latest version of CacheMaps contains some major improvements:
(for known bugs, see the Version History)

  • support of largescreen maps
  • user configurable buttons
  • New Menu structure
  • Configuration screen to define your personal settings
  • additional online Map available through
  • over 25 additional online Maps available through
  • improved Google Maps support through the CacheMaps site
Aside of this, the main functions are kept and improved:
  • AreaMaps still use the wide spread UI-View format
  • more types of AreaMaps are available
  • a wide range of online maps can be retreived
  • a ClickMap can be generated
  • online and offline cache descriptions can be shown
  • caches can be retreived that show on the selected AreaMap
  • default settings can be saved

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