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This is the Link Area of the CacheMaps site. You can find links here that I find interesting for GeoCaching. If you have any additions or you run into dead links, please let me know at
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GeoCaching The original Geocaching site Dutch Geocaching Also Dutch Geocaching Another caching alternative And another one UK geocaching site. German geocaching site Australian Geocaching Sweden (and Scandinavia). Has worldwide statistics Australian, New Zealand and UK Cachefile (Loc, Gpx, Wpt and much more)
New Categorized Locationless caches LocLess2Loc. Convert Locationsless coordinates into a LOC file
New GPS Coordinate Grabber. Grabs coords from a cachepage (e.g. for multi's or locationless's)

GeoCaching forums australian forum Dutch forum forum New Zealand forum GPSBabel forum

Link pages Dutch Geocachers Dutch collection (also international links) Belgian collection of links

GeoCache Maps Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint. A hugh collection of geocaches from different sources. The 'official' geocache maps BeNeLux geocache maps New Zealand caches

Supported Map Servers
These mapservers are supported by CacheMaps. This means that you can directly open maps for your cache location on these servers, without converting and typing in the coordinates. Using the links in the section below will not give you this advantage. Some are quit easy to use and on some servers it is hardly impossible to get the map you like! Flight planning site Worldwide maps with weather information and gazetteer Diane project topographic maps 1:50:0000 (NL only) NL maps NL topographic maps USA Photomaps (and Topo) Worldwide maps. Taken over by MSN 15 European countries Canadian maps This site only supports US maps. (MapQuest on supports the whole world) USA maps only Home of Get-A-Map. UK maps only UK maps Cycle maps of the UK Microsofts Terra server. USA only. Heavily used, so quit slow! US Goverment Sensus Bureau US only New Zealand maps US, Canada, Spain, Italy, France Germany, UK maps. Not supported anymore by CacheMaps. Generates maps from Loc-files USA maps only

Map Servers Get-a-Map. Zoom in on GB map Zipcode based maps, routeplanner. Shows coordinates New Zealand maps Worldwide maps Coords and map based on a street address. Works worldwide Shows Teleatlas map (US only). Map for US address Get coords for a city mapping, routeplanning etc for UK only. Commercial product the most personalised mapping and navigation service for the UK (they say themselves)

Aerial photo's USA Photomaps (and Topo) Aerial photo's of the Netherlands Startpage about Remote Sensing Terra Explorer IE Plugin Aerial Photo of the Netherlands. Needs Terra Explorer IE-plugin! USA Photomaps (and Topo)

Software CacheMaps LocLess2Loc. Convert Locationsless coordinates into a LOC file EasyGPS ExpertGPS G7toWin GarTrax Geobuddy GPSBabel GPSBabel GUI GPS Utility OziExplorer Watcher GPX Spinner GarTrip CacheMate. Palm cache database Terrain Tools eMapZone GPL (Geocache Log Printer) GPS Trackmaker CacheDragon PPC application for Geocaching GeoCache Simulator game Geo2Ozi GPXSonar. PPC Cache control GPSTuner. PPC GPS extension program

Coord Convertors NL only: Very nice clickable topo maps. Find Dutch coords (RD - Bessel - ED50 - WGS84 - UTM31 - UTM32 - Lambert) Supports over 20 different datums Coord conversion, topo maps and areal photo's Waypoint workbench. Supports UK grid, WGS, UTM v Mass Conversion Tool. Supports WGS, RD and UTM. simple coord (representation) conversion and address to coord conversion (USA only) simple coord (representation) conversion simple coord (representation) conversion
New File converter using GPSBabel and a lot more

UI-view maps MapTool: an UI-View map generator based on MapBlast maps Lots of UI-View maps for the whole world Some more UI-View maps NL UI-view maps NL UI-view maps Downloads on this site: All Dutch cities

Friends Very active on mapping issues Creaters of the Waypoint Workbench Home of GarTrax

Miscellenious Project your pictures on a map using the coordinates of the place the picture was taken Cache rating system concerning accessability for disabled geocachers Palm cache logbook application called GeoCaching DB GPX Syntax GPS Drawing project
New Points of Interest waypoint collection

Mapping Create and upload maps to Garmin GPS Trackmaker Commercial GIS and mapping software Create your own maps National Geographic maps Create your own US maps with selectable layers Commercial site. TeleAtlas maps Collins map publishers New Zealand maps MapMaker Home of MapTool. Maptool is used by CacheMaps to produce the Area Maps. MapTool generates UI-View calibrated maps. Lots of maps from all over the world

GPS info Dale DePriest: Lots of GPS background info What you need to know about... geography
New Coordinate Systems Overview Several GPS utils GPS Maps for Adventure Travel FreeGIS software project

UI-view info Information on APRS UI-View add ons and maps UI-View UI-View info
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