Version History

Known bugs in the current version:
  • GPSVisualizer maps do not fully work correctely. Some settings are not saved.
  • MAP24 maps do not work anymore. MapService has been disabled by MAP24.
  • Ordnance Survey maps do not always show the correct coordinate due to a bug in the gridconversion calculation.
  • Reading GPX tracklogs created by GPSMapEdit ( result in a crash of CacheMaps.
  • GPX files containing additional waypoints will cause CacheMaps to crash. Use GSAK to convert the file.
  • High ASCII characters are reported to be shown wrong.
PLEASE MIND: Support has been discontinued due to the increased functionality in Google Maps, which I cannot compete with.

The following versions are or have been available:

  • v4.1.8 Bugfix and -no registration- release:
    Support has been discontinued.
    This version already contains the registration information.
  • v4.1.7 Bugfix release:
    Error with counters on ClickMap solved
  • v4.1.6 Bugfix release:
    Error with manual installation solved
    Initial behaviour of unregistered version changed
  • v4.1.5 Bugfix release:
    Errors with Edit-Settings solved
    Parameters will be add to ini-file for support of other then IE browsers: HTMLDelimiter, HTMLReplaceSpaces and HTMLReplaceSpacesWith
    Errors when trying to select multiple waypoints solved
    Little improvements on window sizing and centering
    ClickMap: path settings in html improved
  • v4.1.4 (not releases)
  • v4.1.3 Bugfix release:
    Improved handling of ClickMaps: 2 parameters added to [Settings] in .ini file
    Again improved Google.cmx available
    Improved OrdnanceSurvey.cmx available
    Solved bug with initial zoomlevel of online maps
  • v4.1.2 Bugfix release:
    Screenresolution problem solved
    Improved Google.cmx available
  • v4.1.1 Bugfix release:
    Startup failures solved
    MapQuest failures repaired
    Locatienet scaling repaired
  • v4.1.0 Major maintenance release:
    GPX-file support:
    - indication of cachetype (in color and text)
    - indication of found status
    - indication of difficulty
    Doubleclick on waypointlist configurable to
    - open online cachepage
    - open offline cachepage
    - open areamap
    Menu structure: All actions can be initiated via the menu
    Rename AreaMap function (for keeping specific maps)
    Cleanup function for generated AreaMaps
    Configurable buttons:
    - 4 plus 6 buttons can be configured for frequently used functions
    Configuration screen:
    - set default maps and map settings
    - hide online maps and AreaMaps from the listboxes
    - default input file and doubleclick behavior
    - default paths
    - loglevel and filesize setting
    - default screensize
    - button definitions
    - cleanup configuration Trackmap
    Various logFile and error handling enhancements
    Online Expedia WRLD map zoomsettings limited to valid values
    GPSVisualizer now give a choice of over 25 online maps and photos
    Southern hemisphere now supported correctely
    Changing coordinates when using a comma as separator now work correct
    Several unpredictable crash situations solved
  • v4.0.3 Various updates:
    Expedia WRLD as AreaMap
    Mapion online maps (two versions of maps for Japan)
    Google online maps (two versions)
    StreetMap online map (UK maps)
    Ordonance Survey online map (UK map)
    Coordinate conversion from WGS to Tokyo Main Time (TMT)
    Coordinate conversion from WGS to UK grid (GB OS)
    Waypoint information can no longer be changed on the main screen
    Datums button changed to Coords button
    Coordinates can now easily be changed to find a map for a custom coordinate
    When clicking the AreaMap, the coordinate will be shown and used for other maps
    Loc-file syntax in this site's syntax area has been updated
    Runtime error occurred after clicking the Get Locfile button too fast after starting up
    Runtime error occurred when the numbering in CMaps.ini was not sequential
    Decimal minutes and seconds were shown wrongly for negative (West) coordinates
    Reading a loc-file now takes the tag as optional. GPSBabel converted waypoints can now be read.
    Locatienet (Dutch) scale indication was wrong
  • v4.0.2 Some bugfixes:
    Sorting has been disabled as this gave major problems
    Reading a loc-file from another drive is now possible
    Fatal error with Locatienet AreaMaps has been solved
  • v4.0.1 First official version of the new CacheMaps. Distributed amongst registered users only
  • v4.0.0 'Internal only' version
  • v3.x The old Excel version of CacheMaps
(c) 2002-2007 BigBird Productions